Typical Waste Water Treatment Projects by Reid Crowther

Reid Crowther has undertaken a large variety of sewage and wastewater treatment projects, these include the following major assignments undertaken either directly for the local governments or funded through the World Bank or other Donor agencies

  • Satellite Town Sewage Treatment Plant, Chevron Nigeria - Reid Crowther implemented an upgrading for a sewage treatment plant which had been incorrectly designed. The project solved the problems and allowed the plant to function properly within the skill set of the current operator.
  • Festac Sewage Treatment System, Lagos - Reid Crowther investigated and developed solutions to the operation of the existing plant at Festac Town. This plant had been abandoned and Reid Crowther developed the necessary plan to refurbish and rehabilitate the existing facility.
  • Satellite Town Sewage Collection System, Chevron Nigeria, - Reid Crowther implemented an upgrading for a sewage collection system. The project solved the problems facing the community.
  • Escravos Sewage Treatment Plant, Chevron Nigeria - Reid Crowther undertook this design and this project is currently under implementation by Chevron
  • Escravos Sewage Collection System, Chevron Nigeria - Reid Crowther undertook this design as part of the overall master plan for the long-term improvement of the Escravos Terminal
  • Lekki Office and Housing Complex, ChevronTexaco - Reid Crowther undertook the design of an enlarged Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) for the Chevron site at Lekki to cater for the growing population of the site and the more rigorous Environmental Discharge Consents on the effluent from the plant, the project is in construction phase.
  • LG Electronics and Semiconductor Plants, Newport, South Wales UK - Reid Crowther staff were seconded to these sites as Project Engineers to check designs and oversee the construction and commissioning of the Water and Waste Water treatment facilities located on each site.
  • Severn Trent Asset Management Planning Suite, (STAMPS) UK - Reid Crowther personnel were seconded to this project to assist Halcrow in the site data collection required for the project.
  • National Water Authority, Jamaica - Reid Crowther undertook feasibility studies and preliminary engineering for the sewer systems to serve Spanish Town, May Pen and S.E. St. Catherines, Jamaica.
  • Mombassa International Airport, Kenya - detailed investigation into disposal of concentrated aircraft wastes for, East Africa, the project was completed with the implementation of a treatment system using an oxidation ditch to handle all sewage wastes from the airport.
  • Nairobi, Kenya - Complete design and tender document preparation for the main trunk sewer and subsidiary sewers to service the south-west quadrant of Nairobi. The project involved 160 kilometres of sewers sized from 1500 mm downwards.
  • Nanyuki Airbase and Housing Complex, Kenya - Sewage collection system and sewage treatment plant to service the main air force base in Kenya. The project served a population equivalent of 8,000 and involved extended aeration sewage treatment.
  • Blantyre Industrial Area, Malawi - Design of the sewage system to serve a major industrial area on the outskirts of Blantyre. The project was complicated by severe topographical conditions. The project was implemented using nine pump stations and 70 kilometres of sewer.