Project: Privatisation Support Project, Lagos State Water Supply

Assignment Name
Privatisation Support Project, Lagos State Water Supply Nigeria
Location within Country
Professional staff provided by your firm
Lagos State 15
Name of Client Number of Staff
Lagos State Water Corporation
Funded by ~ World Bank
Address Number of staff-months/Project Duration
PO Box 555, Water House, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria 471
Start Date Completion Date Approx. Value of services in Current US$
October 2003 Projected ~ June 2004 $1,798,261
Name of Associated Consultants If anyNumber of months of professional staff provided by associated consultants
Ace Lucas and Partners;
Wateng Ltd.
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
  • Project Director: John Rowe,
  • GIS and Mapping Director: Gideon Olaleye,
  • Technical Director: Mike Whiting
  • IT and Systems Director: Aaron Rowe
  • Enumeration Managers: 'Dapo Ogunbanjo
Narrative Description of Project
Provision of Technical Consulting Services for Customer Enumeration, for improvement of Revenue to Lagos
State Water Corporation, prior to PSP.
Description of actual services provided by your staff
Work included implementation, co-ordination and monitoring of Customer Enumeration and Mapping and a
GIS system integrating all existing data, and data collected on 66,000 new customers.
The project includes the provision of Satellite Imagery to produce digitised mapping as well as location of
water mains in Lagos East and Lagos West Block 1.