Project: Revenue Enhancement Project for Metropolitan Lagos

Assignment Name
Revenue Enhancement Project for Metropolitan Lagos
Location within Country
Professional staff provided by your firm
Lagos State
  • Enumerator
  • Management Team
  • Software Developers
  • Mapping Experts
  • On-Site Enumerators
  • Data Entry Staff
  • Support Infrastructure Staff
Name of Client Number of Staff
Lagos State Government,
Ministry of Finance,
Governor's Office
Address Number of staff months/Project Duration
Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos State
This was to be a 7 year Contract employing an
average of 400 people over the 7 year period.
Start Date Completion Date Approx. Value of services in Current US$
November, 2000
Projected for November, 2007
Name of Associated Consultants If anyNumber of months of professional staff provided by associated consultants
Orion Technology Inc., Interspatial GIS Inc., Tronnes Surveys
LRC Nigeria Ltd.,
35 man years
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
  • Project Director/Coordinator: K.G. Till,
  • Financial Coordinator: Ian M. Jesney, P.
  • Technical Coordinator: John Rowe,
  • Project Coordinator: Mike Whiting,
  • Project Accountant: Evan Walters
  • Project Accountant: Greg Trevor
  • Software Developer: Aaron Rowe
  • GIS Specialist: Gideon Olaleye
Narrative Description of Project
Complete mapping of Metropolitan Lagos was developed based on available air photography. All of this was prepared with full topology to enable its use in a GIS mapping system. Arc View and Oracle were used as the GIS engine and the database engine for the software. The software was delivered over the internet for use by the various groups involved in the project. Bill payment was organised through the banking system using trust arrangements to ensure that local government areas and the consulting group participating in the project were to be paid without reference to the Lagos State Government. The trustee also dispersed funds to the Lagos State Government.
Description of actual services provided by your staff
Project was to involve the identification of some 1,000,000 properties that exist within Lagos State for the purpose of property taxation. Teams were sent out to collect data on properties in Lagos, this raw data was then
communicated to a Canada for verification and processing into a database. Orion Technology Inc., an Ontario based firm developed the database which generated the Taxation Notices and forwarded them electronically to
Nigeria for distribution. The project floundered in June 2002, due to non-implementation of the available Property Tax Law, the unwillingness of Lagosians to pay property tax, and zero revenue resulting to the group of
consultants involved in the project.