Project: Water Rehabilitation Project for Federal Capital Territory

Assignment Name
Water Rehabilitation Project for Federal Capital Territory
Location within Country
Professional staff provided by your firm
Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • Engineering Staff
  • Enumeration Staff
  • AutoCAD Staff
  • Mapping Staff
  • GIS Development Staff
  • Software Development Staff
Name of Client Number of Staff
Federal Government of Nigeria and FCT Water Board
20 plus staff seconded from FCT Water Board
Address Number of staff months/Project Duration
FCT WaterBoard Office
Wuse 2, Abuja
100 plus significant support from FCT staff
Start Date Completion Date Approx. Value of services in Current US$
June, 2000
September, 2001
Name of Associated Consultants If anyNumber of months of professional staff provided by associated consultants
Reid Crowther and Partners Ltd. (Canada)
Ace Lucas and Partners; Ayo Franklin
3,000 man months
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
  • Project Director/Coordinator: K.G. Till, P.Eng.,
  • Project Coordinator: John Rowe,
  • Project Manager: Mike Whiting
  • Project Engineer: Faisal Mirza,
  • Logistics Manager: Andrew Ogboro
  • Leader of Enumeration Crews and Plaque installation: Enu Omede
Narrative Description of Project
The Project took existing hard copy mapping, digitised it and prepared an overall map for the Federal
Capital Territory. From that overall map topology was prepared and a GIS system developed. Enumeration crews visited every property in the Federal Capital Territory and established ownership and occupancy. The data collected was then compared with existing data in the system operated by the Federal Capital Water Board. The data was updated and developed into a format so that billings from the Federal Capital Water Board could be produced on a regular basis. Training was provided to the FCT staff to operate the billing system and to continue the process of developing the topology and mapping as the City of Abuja expanded.
Description of actual services provided by your staff
Work included implementation, co-ordination and monitoring of Customer Enumeration and Mapping and a Water Audit/Tariff Study as well as preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals. All work on the project was the responsibility of Reid Crowther although one closely managed subcontractor was used for part of the enumeration ultimately to ensure completion or own staff stepped in to ensure data quality. The leader in this work was Andrew Ogboro.