Project: Detailed Engineering Design for Ugborodo New Town

Assignment Name
Detailed Engineering Design for Ugborodo New Town
Location within Country
Professional staff provided by your firm
Delta State
Name of Client Number of Staff
Chevron Nigeria Limited
Address Number of staff months/Project Duration
Kilometre 19, Epe Expressway
PMB 12825, Lagos, Nigeria
770 man-months; 22 months
Start Date Completion Date Approx. Value of services in Current US$
Jan. 2000
Nov. 2001
Name of Associated Consultants If anyNumber of months of professional staff provided by associated consultants
Habico Planning Limited
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
  • Project Director/Coordinator: K.G. Till, P.Eng.,
  • Project Coordinator: John Rowe,
  • Project Engineers: Derek Dixon; Mike Whiting
  • Team Leader: Oladapo Ogunbanjo
Narrative Description of Project
Project involved preparation of front end and detailed engineering for the provision of a central sewage system and treatment plant, potable water storage and distribution system, electrical and power generation and street lights, road Network and upgrade of the existing drainage system for the Ugborodo New Town
Description of actual services provided by your staff

Work included implementation of client's outlined concepts, drawings and project documentation, develop detailed drawings, demonstrating the control and operation methodologies to be used. Preparation of project documentation, start-up and commissioning. Documentation and ongoing Operations Manual. Provision of simple, clear and concise Operational Manuals for use by community operators.

Design of appropriate road drainage network interfaced with the stormwater drainage system. Design of appropriate curbs for the road solution and drainage ditch. Preparation of Engineering drawings for road bases and road drainage systems. Preparation of Technical Specification for procurement of materials and specification for construction and installation.

Design of Sewage lagoon based on earth perimeter bund with a liner all within defined areas of the lagoon property. Preparation of technical specification for the procurement of materials, detailed engineering drawings for the sewage lagoon and material listing for facilitation of procurement.

Identification of problems and conditions of existing drains and canals and preparation of detail report of existing drainage system. Estimate flows from available hydrological data, computer modelling for stormwater drainage and flood control systems, utilising available data to determine rainfall distribution and hydraulics, detailed engineering design for the stormwater drainage system, drawings for drainage channels in all the areas including details of discharge to the main drains, development of overall drainage plan to integrate existing features on site, new drainage channels, land drains, band drains and appropriate site grading to incorporate existing main discharge locations and new discharge locations into overall drainage plan. Preparation of detailed engineering for stormwater collection system, detailed engineering drawing channels for pipe sites, slopes and pipe grades, technical specifications for the procurement among other works.