Project: Mapping for Rapid Transit System, Lagos

Assignment Name
Mapping for Rapid Transit System, Lagos
Location within Country
Professional staff provided by your firm
Lagos State
Name of Client Number of Staff
Dar el Handasar
Address Number of staff months/Project Duration
  12/4 months
Start Date Completion Date Approx. Value of services in Current US$
April, 1994
Augus, 1994 $50,000
Name of Associated Consultants If anyNumber of months of professional staff provided by associated consultants
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
  • Project Director/Coordinator: K.G. Till, P.Eng.
Narrative Description of Project
Consulting services with regard to preparation of mapping for the likely routes of a mass transit system for the City of Lagos.
Description of actual services provided by your staff
Reid Crowther was retained by international consultants active in the transportation field in Lagos to prepare mapping for possible routes of a mass transit system for the City of Lagos. The mapping utilized aerial photography available and enabled preparation of detailed mapping so that the project evaluation could proceed in a timely manner. Approximately 50 kilometres of detailed corridor mapping examining alternative routes for mass transit systems throughout the City of Lagos were developed.